Q: How do I place an order?

A: The ESTR Scales and other products are available by clicking on the Order tab. You may also submit using our Purchase Order Form. This will send both of us your purchase order and we will promptly process the information and contact you if we have any questions.

Q: What are ESTR Assessments?

A: The ESTR Scales are age-appropriate transition assessment that have been studied for reliability and validity (see Transition Planning in the Schools: Using the Enderle-Severson Transition Rating Scales, 2006). To facilitate the transition planning process we also offer you the opportunity to enter the assessment data from the protocols to access assessment summary.

Q: How do I order an Online Assessment?

A: You can purchase packages of online assessment summaries via our website or by using a purchase order that you fax or mail to us. When purchasing online-you will choose a username (e-mail address) and password. When purchasing via fax or mail, we will send you directions explaining how to gain access. Online assessments are available in packages of 10. The ten assessments in a package can be used to access either ESTR III or ESTR-J-Revised (you don't have to purchase separate packages of online assessment for each scale). A 20% discount is provided for orders of 20 or more packages. When regional service units purchase a large quanity of packages, usernames and passwords can be set up for each district using the assessment summaries. E-mail us for additional information on this process.

Q: When I try to make a purchase, I see a message saying the username already exists. Why?

A: This most likely means you already have an account with us and have registered before or someone using your email address registered for you. When making a purchase you need to login first. When you see the billing information page, you will see, "Have you been here before? If yes, save time and Login Now" Click and login and your shipping and billing information will be filled out for you.

Q: What kind of security is there for student information?

A: Early on in the development process we were committed to keeping student information as secure as possible. Student names are encrypted in our database. When reports are generated they are available for download for 14 days. At that point they are no longer available and removed from the application.

Q: Where do I enter parent evaluation information?

It is very appropriate to gather information from more than one source when conducting transition assessment. For this purpose we provide parent scales. When using the online assessment summary report, you will only be able to enter ratings from one source. If you have gathered information from parents we encourage you to enter those ratings. Then, in the final step of the data entry process we provide you the opportunity to enter anecdotal information. In this section, we advise you to enter information regarding the differences between the student's performance in nonschool environments (parent ratings) and in school environments (school ratings).